Let us Inspire your Wedding Decoration and Lighting

Need a bit of inspiration for your wedding decoration and lighting ideas? Then look no further...


This page is all about ideas, take a look through to see how our lights and letters can been used in lots of different ways. Got a new idea? We would love to hear about it. Get in touch on our Facebook or Twitter page and let the creative juices flow.


Here are a few suggestions to get you started...


Different words: LOVE, YOU&I, MR&MRS, DANCE, PARTY, PROM, EAT, DINE, LEAVERS, FESTIVAL, CARNIVAL, SHOW, MUSIC and any others you can think of.


Hanging Letters:  Why not hang your 2D letters (3D letters are heavy for hanging!) from the beams over the dance floor or even behind the top table?


Shelving: Is there any shelving available or a mezzanine floor to stand them against?


Stairs:  Why not spread the letters out and have them up the steps to the entrance of the venue?


Use Outdoors: If the weather is dry our 2D un-lit letters are versitile enough to be used outdoors in a variety of locations, for decoration or for a photoshoot.*



Use the word LOVE to frame a feature in the room.
Line the side of your dancefloor with the word LOVE or even better DANCE
Make a WOW theatre 'style' Photograph by Paul Joseph.
Why not just use the & sign in the pics?!?
Make it personal - Have your initials in lights. Photograph by Lucy Davenport.
Photograph by Lucy Davenport
Spread out the lights either side of your Disco/Band. Photograph by Lucy Davenport.
We can spell out different words for catwalks and stage props.
What a backdrop for the first dance!!! Have the lights near to your dance floor to creat the perfect WOW for your photos.
Make the most of the lights and use them for props for your wedding party pictures.
Line the entrance to your wedding room...
Does your venue have a Mezzanine floor? How about placing the lights up high to wow your guests on arrival.
Special birthday or anniversary...why not hire number lights to help you celebrate
Do you have any nooks and crannies that a single light or more can fill?

Why not take a look at our Links page for some marvelous suppliers that all come highly reccomended by us!


* Our Letter Lights are for indoor use only.

"To shine light on someone or something is to brighten the way. Light gives itself freely, filling all available space. In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary."

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